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Video content: The ‘Sacred Cow’ of business communication


Modern companies wanting to attract new and retain old
customers must adapt to the changing consumer habits. There’s no secret that they spend more
and more time on the most popular social media – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.
Current tendencies show that video is the major form of effective advertising today.
Inesa Budginė and Vytautas Jurevičius, founders of D SPOT digital creative agency, shared their
insights on what makes it worth it to include this format into your communication and aspects to

According to statistics, users spend on average 2 hours a day browsing social media, while the
same count for teenagers is as much as 9 hours.
Here it’s important to note that 33% of them find new and relevant products or services online,
which is the best proof that advertising on social media is truly effective.
However, Inesa Budginė says that successful advertising cannot be universal, but rather adapted
to the consumer, easy to access and catchy. Modern consumers don't give in to cheesy
promises of attractive prices – to make them stop and get to know your product or service in
these few seconds, hopefully resulting in a purchase, you need to communicate in their
language. ‘We can evaluate the efficiency of advertising only by finding a connection with our
consumers, and this is much easier by using the video format.’ says Budginė

The D SPOT agency’s co-founder Vytautas Jurevičius with years of experience in video
advertising for business noted that this format is important not only as a type of advertising – it is
also an excellent way to increase the value of a company’s communication and image.
‘According to statistics, as many as 81% of people look for information on products they need
online before making an actual purchase, so businesses should take care of their image on
social media – creating an impression on a brand, its values, and what makes it special or its
business environment takes only a few seconds.’ he says.
Inesa Budginė says that video content is becoming increasingly important – it’s a powerful tool to
promote sales and also to build the ties of reliability and loyalty between a brand and its
audience. True, different purposes require different means of making a video. The advertising
expert says that nowadays making a ‘home video’ using a mobile phone may be quite good
enough. The aspects to consider are a proper and neat environment, good lighting, décor, trendy
filters and effects. However, the major thing is to think of a strategy and a recognisable style, so
what professionals do is help their clients create valuable and engaging videos.
‘The success of this type of advertising lies in the first 4 seconds, during which you must catch
the consumer’s attention and make an offer or introduce your brand. Analysing the statistics of
engagement and views, we can say that video advertising is very effective in terms of building
the awareness of a brand and increasing sales. So, if your advertising budget is small, make use
of the potential offered by the social media.’ says Budginė.
However, she added, if you decided to take on a larger advertising campaign, consider a
professional video advertising quality, equipment and a creative team, which will not only think of
ways to deliver the major aspects in 20-30 seconds, but also suggest proper implementation
means and strategy.

The founders of the digital creative agency claim that their goal is to create useful content which
is beautiful, aesthetic, has a lasting value and sells. Confident with their calling, they started
working not only with Lithuanian companies.
Quite recently, D SPOT team completed a project for KetoCycle, an international company,
offering wellness products. The project included creating a TV advert for the English market,
which involved hiring not only a professional team, but also modern cinema equipment.

Jurevičius says that you must really do your homework before starting to film an advert of this
scale and this time it took 3-4 months.
‘We brainstormed ideas, wrote the script, drew the frames, selected our actors and picked the
location. We were also the first in Lithuania to purchase DJI Ronin 4D camera and also worked
with the American producer Bob Calabritto.’ he said, sharing behind-the-scenes moments.
When the video ad was launched on television, the client tracked the app download statistics,
which gave a positive illustration of the efficiency of our ad.

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