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Video content: the best form of advertising

Video marketing being one of the key engagement and sales promotion tools in modern communication is no secret. On the contrary – social media headlines keep screaming at you about video content as the best method of engaging your audience every day. Yet many businesses and social media content creators shy away from using video content in their communication.

It is true that online adverts are annoying – each of us browsing online see up to 10,000 of them every day – and people try to avoid them. However, video content is a very simple, short, effective, it is also easy to remember, highly engaging and captures the attention of the target audience. According to a study, conducted by G2 Crowd, video content on social media generates 1200 per cent more shares than other formats, such as visuals or text.

Hubspot data suggests that approximately 70 per cent of the users prefer finding out more about a product while watching a video. Since users are already inclined to pick information that is fast, easy to access and consume, video content is becoming the best form of advertising for the nearest future. If you want to increase your product sales, post views, readability, etc., videos will be the most attractive to your target audience.

Videos introduce the information on your product or service and are capable of getting your consumer interested or even ready to buy faster. And there are numerous video formats for your message to be delivered on the social media, such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Paid video advertising on social networks
  • Live videos
  • Videos on social media
  • Stories
  • Instagram reels
  • TikTok videos

Of course, in order to induce the desire to buy your product, a video MUST be presented in high quality and good resolution, have a script, feature good lighting, no unnecessary sounds, a well-thought-of environment and decorations. It must be informative, short, engaging, carry a clear message and – most importantly – be useful. Marketing experts have found that 62 per cent of viewers tend to attribute the poor quality of a video to the product it advertises and as many as 23 per cent will never buy something advertised in a bad quality video. Meanwhile, 57 per cent are reluctant to share poor quality video material.


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